Sizes according to your wishes

Looking for suitable accommodation for your entire family? Are you more and also small children? Never mind, we have a great solution to feel at home while you leave. Take advantage of the accommodation, in beautiful and spacious real estate, perfect sizes and in beautiful locations. Our chalets and cottages are here for your and your comfort, for the duration of your holiday.
Low prices, for your perfect comfort
Our chalets and cottages, which you can choose from a variety of offers, are very advantageous price sessions. They will save you very much, as they are not expensive at all. Take advantage of our huge offer, beautiful properties, in super sizes and beautiful design. Your holiday will be very comfortable and in the highest comfort. Choose, according to your wishes.

Relaxation and luxury for all

Looking for suitable accommodation, all the time of your holiday, in beautiful locations and where you will have privacy and you can perfectly relax in peace and comfort? We offer you such accommodation, in a modern style. Choose chalets and cottages that are modern and beautiful, spacious and in the sizes you dream of. You can decide which you choose.
Beautiful types and Perfect sizes
Our chalets and cottages that we offer you to a perfect and peaceful stay, for the duration of your holiday, are in a modern and elegant style. You can choose what you like and suit you from our perfect offer. We offer beautiful types and great sizes, for your comfort and high comfort. Enjoy your holiday full of sips.

Accommodation Jizerske Hory

Do you always spend your free time at home? Are you experiencing a quiet household? You're bored at weekends and don't know the advice? Drive together for a trip, experience fun, fix your relationship and meet something new, get to know! This is the most suitable accommodation for you in Jizerske Mountains!
Accommodation Jizerske Hory

The area around Jizerske Mountains has been in the protected landscape area since 1968. This is one of the reasons why you can visit this area. Here you can go on a trip to nature, take a tour of a castle or a castle, or even try a sightseeing flight and see this landscape and from a height.
Castles and Chateaux

In this area you can choose from several castles and palaces. Of the most famous here are certainly: Castle and Castle Frýdlant, Castle Lembert in Jablonn v Podještědí, Castle Grabštejn in Hrádek nad Nisou or Liberec Castle. Do not hesitate to attend tours of these sights!

We line up for both small and large viewers

Do you like a magician? Many of you will give us a positive answer. His performances are always enjoyed by children, but also by adults. We have prepared a series of performances that are of great quality and will entertain the children, but also their parents. If you stand for such a performance, you just need to contact us. We believe that we will negotiate together. We look forward to seeing our viewers.
We will add a nice fairy tale to the children
The most grateful viewers are our children at the magician. They cannot be deceived, they are curious, but also inquisiting. He's trying to figure out how the magic works. We want to invite you to our performances. They attract children and adults. We promise that no one will be bored with us. In children's programs, we try to draw children directly into the program. They can also learn simple lines.

You can also go abroad

Our car rental has a lot of bonuses for you that you don’t have anywhere. For example, all maintenance and service, statutory and emergency insurance, delivery and return of the car are included in the price. And it only depends entirely on you how many kilometers you ride with us. We are definitely not limiting you. And you can go abroad.
A car rental that would be inexpensive and had an excellent fleet and willing staff? Yes, there is. Take a look at our website and choose from an extensive range of cars in all price categories. Here you will choose. Our car rental is looking forward to your visit.
We are discreet
No one knows that this is a rented vehicle. Our logo or advertising has not been deliberately stuck.