Accommodation Mountains

Book your mountain accommodation on our site in a good time. The mountains are a paradise for nature lovers, but also for those wishing to visit historical monuments and interesting places. For athletes, mountains are often a popular destination in the summer and winter. Take advantage of our offers of accommodation mountains at interesting prices and do not miss last minute prices.
Our offer
Looking? You’re on the right page. Browse our offer and choose according to your wishes. Mountains-it is nature, forests, hills, interesting places, historical objects. Discover the beauty of the Šumava mountains and leave the mountain accommodation to us. We will take care to be satisfied.

We also offer you luxury kits

Kits and living room walls for everyone
Do you feel that your living room should finally undergo renovation? Do you have a clear idea of how it should look? Then you're absolutely right. We offer you living walls and kits that you never dreamed of. You will surely be excited about the purchase.
Who would not want to have our kits at home
Visit our online store and choose the living walls and kits that will make you the best impression. In our rich assortment of goods you will find only quality and modern furniture satisfying even the most stringent standards. If you have any further questions, please contact our staff who will be happy to advise you.

Advantageous reconstruction
Our living walls and kits will transform your entire apartment for the better. So do not hesitate to shop with us. We are sure that you will be a more satisfied customer.

Radio Impuls

Do you like to listen to music? Do you like to listen to different information, learn about celebrity information, traffic information, or like to compete? All this is offered by Impuls Radio.
Listen to the Impuls radio and learn more. We will improve your mood instantly, listen to the great music that we play, listen to information, contests and more. We are here for you, for your entertainment and your amusement.

Tune your Radio online
Tune in to Impuls radio online. We are convinced that this form will suit you and your day will be more cheerful if you tune in the radio online. We would like to contribute daily to your smile. We believe that we will succeed and you will listen to us every day. Our goal is your smile.

SEO Analysis

The purpose of the SEO Analysis service is to increase website traffic. Which means to optimize the content of the site so that your site is found by the customer on the top links in search engines. We are a team of SEO specialists and we are focused on optimizing Czech and Slovak websites for and We offer advanced optimization options.
These are mainly content and appropriate keywords. We will also offer registration to catalogs, writing and placement of quality PR texts and creation of minisites within Linkbuildingu. Registration in Czech and Slovak catalogues, packages from 100 to 1000 catalogs. Our SEO analysis will greatly help your site.

The question of choosing the appropriate keywords is quite crucial for a high-quality website and is the first step. We will gladly offer you a professional solution tailored to the site's focus and scope. From initial SEO Analysis Services, to advanced optimization at reasonable prices.

Possibility of a pleasant stay

You also choose a location where you could spend your summer holidays where you could enjoy a really pleasant holiday? If so, do not hesitate and bet on Mácha Lake, which offers you the best option of recreational use. You can enjoy great swimming, sunbathing, water sports, discos but also beautiful and stunning nature. All this awaits you in the north of Bohemia, in the vicinity of this breathtaking water surface.
Chances for each of you
Mácha Lake is open to every traveller, even you. It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone, if you are a family with children, a senior couple or young people who go for fun. All your stay at this location is at its best, so you can be sure.

The fashion again

Women's clothing is a theme that employs women for hours. Not only do they spend so much time in stores, they still interpret it. It is necessary to find out in which shops now what flies, where are the biggest discounts or what they prefer to avoid. Every woman wants to be beautiful and these pieces of clothing can help her.
In stores
For a woman, what she wears is very important. Some women prefer practicality than fashion, but they still have to go to the store and choose something. It is also important for them to have the women's clothing evaluated by someone else, so they usually take a friend or even a partner. For those, it's not a walk with a rose orchard, but their partner is the happiest in the world when he can take away something new from the store.

Looking for quality and affordable?

You are looking for quality and affordable, which can be chosen from the comfort of your home without having to bypass or bypass various shops. So in that case, we're telling you to realize your wish. Take a look at our extensive offer and order for example immediately. Our eshop is available for you 24 hours a day.
Do you like shopping online, but would you rather use the possibility of a personal tour of your purchased goods? It's not a problem. You can see the interior doors in our sample shop in Cologne. So if you live somewhere in the neighborhood. We believe that you will choose the interior doors with us exactly to your liking.
Live Tour
We understand that you don't want to buy a hare in a sack. Take advantage of our offer for sightseeing, before taking a look at the interior doors in our Cologne sampler.


Nowadays, people have different health problems. And most of them will reach the first choice after chemical preparations from the pharmacy. But what benefits does it have for them? For example, a oncological patient undergoing laborious and burdensome chemotherapeutic treatment. It has great nausea as a result of excess chemistry due to treatment. What do the doctors offer him? Again, only artificial chemistry in the form of medicine for nausea.
And when they already recommend a natural remedy, which is hemp, there is a problem in pharmacies, electronic recipes and the amenities of pharmacies in smaller towns. And that's why other solutions are offered. Grow your own source of natural anti-sickness medicine. In our offer you can find different species to grow your own medicine. Marijuana seeds from us are always good quality.

Magic on Demand

Would you like to do something really special for kids? Order them a magician. Or do you want to make a special party for your employees? Will arrange it. Contact us and we will give you more information, we will arrange what performances you would imagine, we will arrange all the details so that you and your guests are satisfied.
What am I offering you? As an experienced magician, of course, I have tested my numbers. I offer you absolute professionalism. I offer to you that you will definitely not get bored on my performance.

For both adults and children, I love magic. Anyway, like every magician. My experience, however, ensures that my performances will be professional and very entertaining. Call me or contact me by email. I'd like to get back to the next steps.

We love, we want to marry!

Are you among the couples who are going to be a big merry? Then you will surely be right that it is not a brnkačka, on the contrary it is a nice work. And the wedding announcement is just beginning. You have to convene the whole family, to accommodate them, to assure them comfort. Go to the pastor or the mayor with a plea to give you away. Agree on a joint surname.
Who do you choose as a witness?
Yes, that's another catch. The duty is to have two witnesses, that is, one for the bride and the other for the groom. Nut is who to choose? Siblings or best friend? Think that you have to think about not offended. If you have more good friends, make arrangements with them, they will surely bite and be on your side. If you do not dislike anyone, promise that you may go to your child's godfather. And there will be A problem.