Change is Life

You don't want to stand in the eternal inpermanency of the present, do you? Every moment life is changing us and it is not always for the benefit. A lot of things people just don't affect. What it says: "Panta Rhei", or everything follows. But there are many things that man can influence in his life. You can buy new clothes, change the hairstyle, find a new job. You can also change the environment in which you live or just the appearance of your apartment. Sometimes you just need a little change, and your life seems a little more interesting. And there is no need to invest large funds.
Small Enough
You don't have to change your husband or residence right away. You just need to change the furniture or not so maximalistic, maybe just a little thing in your apartment. New tablecloth. Other curtains. Does it seem a little bit to you again? Then grab a new curtain for the curtains. Whether it turns the room around your windows. It will often change not only the surroundings of the windows, but the number of times the whole room gets a different "ŠMRNC".