The tooth of time has already been thicked

The old man doesn't serve properly. A stain from red wine that can't be scunked is hidden under the armchair, but the way Honzík yesterday broke the chocolate under the table is visible now. It is still faded, and the colors are not brilliant at all. It does not clean properly and, despite the frequent vacuuming, it holds a lot of dust. One thought has been running in your head for some time. It's time to invest in new carpets.
What to choose? That's a question.
In the first place, we need to determine the requirements we require from the carpet. Do we want him small or large? With small decors or large patterns? What function should it meet? Is life important to us? To which room Do we want to place it? Do we care about price or prefer excellent quality? Once we answer these basic questions, we can go for a purchase!