We love, we want to marry!

Are you among the couples who are going to be a big merry? Then you will surely be right that it is not a brnkačka, on the contrary it is a nice work. And the wedding announcement is just beginning. You have to convene the whole family, to accommodate them, to assure them comfort. Go to the pastor or the mayor with a plea to give you away. Agree on a joint surname.
Who do you choose as a witness?
Yes, that's another catch. The duty is to have two witnesses, that is, one for the bride and the other for the groom. Nut is who to choose? Siblings or best friend? Think that you have to think about not offended. If you have more good friends, make arrangements with them, they will surely bite and be on your side. If you do not dislike anyone, promise that you may go to your child's godfather. And there will be A problem.